To Consider

If you are considering bringing one of these beautiful babies into your home, please think about the following;

Waking to take a puppy out a few times a night (not to mention all the trips out during the day) will help with potty training. Kennel training is also a must. Be sure you can tolerate a whining, crying puppy until they adjust to the schedule and kennel. Kennel training is key as it gives them a sense of place, somewhere they know is safe and is theirs. It will also help in the future should you ever have the need to confine your dog.

Do you have time and patience to train and be consistent? This is a dog that will be large. Keeping in mind that the behavior you would like when they are older is what must be taught while they are young. For example, if you do not want a 100 lb+ lap dog on the furniture, be sure to keep all four on the floor when he or she is younger. Puppy training classes, once your puppy is fully vaccinated and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) will be a huge asset and are highly recommended. Teaching them to walk softly on the leash, teaching the off command, hush command, come command and leave it commands will be your best friend for your best friend.

Be prepared for brushing your fur baby at least once a week. Also be on the look out for rolling fur balls. These will hopefully not be your dog but what they leave behind. Yes you will need a good vacuum and broom. We have found some fur balls as large as a small dog rolling through our living room.

Ear cleaning will be a must for this breed and will need to be done as needed as each dog is different. We recommend at least once a month. You can check with your veterinarian for their recommendation and cleaning solutions.

Carefully consider the cost as you will need monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention, worming, regular vaccines, grooming as well as a good quality dog food and funds for any emergencies that pop up.

Kids and Newfs are wonderful together! Newfies should be introduced and properly taught what the expected behavior is around the kids. They are the best family dogs and the best nanny dogs! Consistent training and proper interaction is always a must and should be carefully monitored and taught during the learning process.

Are you prepared for the head shake and slobber flying across the room and celling? This will happen. Drool rags or bandannas are great for quick clean up, especially on outings and in the car.

Your clothes will have fur and dried slobber at least some of the time.

This breed loves water! Any chance they get to play in the mud or lay in the water, they will take. So be prepared for a bundle of wet, muddy dog to come love on you.

They are very attached to their family. They will want to be with you and under your feet most of the time. Yep, this includes the bathroom.

Then there is the I love you so much run to meet you…. this is great until they are unable to stop and plow into you.

Still thinking the Newfoundland is for you? You are not alone! This breed is loyal, loving and the best friend your family could have. Welcoming a Newfie into your home is a great privilege!

We as a breeder are here to support you throughout your newfie owning experience. You have most likely already read that we breed for health and temperament, this is very important to us. We will also be here to provide lifelong advise and guidance (as best we can) along the way.

We have raised many dogs over the years, including 20 or so guide dogs for the blind. While we certainly do not claim to have all the answers, we will help wherever we can.

Dogs are wonderful and support us in so many ways! Are you prepared to support your furry friend for their lifetime?